Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Cute Guys of StarStruck Season 6

I don’t normally watch StarStruck, but this Season 6, I noticed 4 cute guys – Avery Paraiso, Kevin Sagra, Jay Arcilla and James Teng.

My fearless forecast is that Avery Paraiso would win as the Ultimate Male Survivor for Season 6, because he’s the most active on social media. I also adore his curly hair!

Avery Paraiso 2Avery Paraiso

Avery Paraiso. Nice curly hair!

James Teng 2James Teng 3

James Teng. Nice lips.

Jay Arcilla 3Jay Arcilla 4

Jay Arcilla. The cutest among the 4

Kevin Sagra 2Kevin Sagra

Kevin Sagra. He’s the most photogenic among the 4.

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