Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Gorgeous Bernardos

Ever since the character of Lola Tidora was introduced to the Kalyeserye, the 3 gorgeous Bernardos that accompanies here is an added delight. The real names of the Bernardos are Corbin Edmonds, Kyle Perry, and Joco San Juan.

Corbin Edmonds is a model and did modeling for Penshoppe, Bench, and Rustans. He’s also one of the Cosmo Bachelors this year. He lives in Manila.

Kyle Perry is a 21-year old model and dancer. He’s 5’10”, Aquarius, has a shoe size of 10.5 and plays the guitar and ukulele. He’s one of this year’s Cosmo Philippines’ Bachelors.

Joco San Juan is an actor and commercial model. He appeared in the TV commercial for Oishi with Daniel Padilla.

They’re under Mercator Artist and Model Management, Inc along with Mark McMahon a.k.a. Doc Tan-Ning, also of Kalyeserye.

Corbin Edmonds 2Corbin Edmonds 3Corbin Edmonds 4Corbin Edmonds

Corbin Edmonds

Kyle Perry 3Kyle Perry

Kyle Perry

The Bernardos 3

Joco San Juan in the middle. I hope he’ll be more active on social media. It’s hard to look for his solo picture.

The Bernardos

In Kalyeserye, they are The Bernardos. – Corbin Edmonds, Joco San Juan (middle) and Kyle Perry.

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