Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jonny Weston

I watched the 3rd movie of the Divergent Series – “Allegiant” – and it’s boring. The theme is very similar to the Maze Runner Series. They’re inside a controlled environment and they somehow escaped and found out the reality that’s happening to the Post-Apocalyptic World.

The only thing I enjoyed about the “Allegiant” movie is seeing Jonny Weston who played the character Edgar. He’s so good at playing the bad guy that I have to Google him to know more about his past projects.

So Jonny Weston is the same guy I admired in the science fiction movie “Project Almanac”. His other movie is “Chasing Mavericks” about the life of surfer Jay Moriarity. I love Jonny Weston’s portrayal of Jay and I love his curly hair on this movie.

I’m hoping to see more projects for Jonny Weston in the years to come. Unfortunately, I can’t find his social media accounts.

154141256AR082_Premiere_Of_Jonny WestonJonny_Weston

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