Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Adventures of Zach and B

So I discovered a new YouTuber today – and so far – he’s the most butch gay guy I saw. His name is Zach Garcia, an American from Texas. I was drawn to his very masculine and deep voice and his video that I first saw was entitled “My Worst Date With A Guy”. I got curious because he’s your average, cute American guy and he dated a guy? So I watched more of his videos (15 as of today) and I like him instantly – especially in his video “My First Gay Experience In High School”.

I’m pretty sure this guy’s going to be a great and famous YouTuber and someone influential – that would champion LGBT rights. I’ll definitely watch how his current followers and views of 44,589 subscribers • 1,145,158 views will turn into millions. To think that he just started his YouTube video recently (Joined Apr 4, 2016)

I also love his bulldog named Bronson. So what are you waiting for? Check out Adventures of Zach and B on YouTube.

Zach G and Bronson 2

Check out Zach Garcia on Instagram and Twitter

Zach G and Bronson

Here are some of his videos:

I love his voice – so masculine – and I know he’s a nice guy.

I envy the guy he first had his first dude experience. I love it when he refers to guys as “dude”.

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