Thursday, October 13, 2016

... and finally Jockstrap by Alexander COBB®

Originally invented as an underwear for bike jockeys, jockstrap cut has become more and more popular those days. Alexander COBB® jockstrap combines sport function-based design with modern fashion trends. Great for athletes and for active men who choose to wear them as daily underwear. Great fit and bottom lift.

As a part of Alter Ego Collection 2016, jockstraps can be purchased online and in all brand’s sales points from Caribbean to Australia. Besides jockstrap called Libido (different jockstrap cut), made from the combination of red and black cotton, with black strips and black elastic band, we are introducing 5 other colors - Innocent in white, Shy in pink, Envy in green, Hot in red, and Sweet in orange. All jockstrap underwear is made from the excellent combination of cotton (92 percent) and elastin (8 percent) which holds well, and enables unhindered movement, so they feel like your second skin.


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