Monday, March 12, 2012

SM Men of Summer

Summer is really upon us. Time for bikini open and ads that feature guys and girls in swimwear. Of course, I’m only concern with the gorgeous guys in swimwear.

SM is very lucky to have such names in the modeling industry as Hideo Muraoka and Benjamin Tang.

418363_315024728559178_112370935491226_899762_644914100_n 421639_315023318559319_112370935491226_899747_1312484578_n 423248_315022405226077_112370935491226_899741_758939835_n 423741_315024298559221_112370935491226_899759_1085990725_n 425685_315023268559324_112370935491226_899746_616522166_n 430490_315024241892560_112370935491226_899757_912303782_n 431999_315023661892618_112370935491226_899750_1749693633_n

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