Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Guys I’ve Heard From

Here are some of the guys featured on Hot Men in the Philippines that I recently knew existed. Thanks rddantes for featuring new sexy guys on your blog!
If you’re reading this rddantes I’ve always been curious on your position in the local showbiz scene. Even TV shows features your pictures! Are you a well known photographer or producer? You’ve always be the #1 source of pictures of hot guys in the Philippines!
Alexander Vega Hidalgo 2Arnold Santillan
Alexander Vega Hidalgo and Arnold Santillan
Arnold van Opstal 2
Arnold Van Opstal
Eric SorianoFranco Daza
Eric Soriano and Franco Daza
Gaz HolgateGerard Sison
Gaz Holgate and Gerard Sison
Hamed del Toro
Hamed del Toro
Igor VicanJason Jimenez
Igor Vican and Jason Jimenez
John SpainhourJoshua Angelo Mercado
John Spainhour and Joshua Angelo Mercado
Kevin Roy ReyesNate Burkey
Kevin Roy Reyes and Nate Burkey
Paolo GonzalezPatrick Esteban
Paolo Gonzalez (very cute) and Patrick Esteban
Rodel FelicidarioSamir Ayeb
Rodel Felicidario and Samir Ayeb
Zaydan Timpani
Zaydan Timpani

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