Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gym Instructor Lance Serrano

This is the 2nd time that I noticed a gorgeous guy twice. The first time I saw him, I was probably so busy with work that I failed to feature him on this blog. Then I saw him again on Facebook – and I was surprised that he’s the same guy.

His name is Lance Serrano. He’s a model and a nursing student. He’s the “Pambansang Gym Instructor ng Bayan” and Eat Bulaga’s Gymeoke Exersi-SING. He also appeared on Cosmopolitan Philippines and model for photographer Vic Fabe.

He definitely has star quality and we definitely wanted him to be our personal gym instructor.

Lance Serrano 3Lance Serrano 4Lance Serrano 5Lance Serrano 6Lance Serrano 7Lance Serrano 8Lance Serrano 9Lance Serrano 10Lance Serrano

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