Monday, July 1, 2013

The Cute Chinitos of Mr. & Ms. Chinatown 2013

I always love Chinito guys. I really find them attractive. I love their China eyes.

Speaking of Chinitos, here are the males winners of the recently concluded Mr. & Ms. Chinatown 2013:

Mr. Chinatown 2013 - #8 Randy See
1st Runner Up - #13 Jerome Edward Tan
2nd Runner Up - #14 Sheng Han Skye Yang

Mr Chinatown 8.-Randy-See

Mr. Chinatown 2013 is Randy See. He’s such a cute Chinito.

1st runner up 13.-Jerome-Edward-Tan

13 is not a lucky number for most Filipinos but for Jerome Edward Tan (1st Runner Up), it’s definitely Lucky 13.

2nd runner up 14.-Sheng-han-Yang

Contestant #14 is Sheng-Han Yang

Pictures taken from Missosology.

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