Saturday, May 7, 2011

Richard Herrera: Amazing Lad

Richard Herrera, along with Filipino friend Richard Hardin, were the winners of the The Amazing Race Asia Season 4.

Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera are two friends who are as competitive as the other one.  Both of them shares the first name and also comes from the Philippines.  Richard Hardin is a professional basketball player while Richard Herrera works as an actor. (from Palabuzz).

DSCF01991 rherrera01 rherrera02 rherrera03 rherrera04 rherrera05 rherrera06 rherrera07 rherrera08 rherrera09 rherrera10 rherrera11 rherrera16 rherrera17 rherrera18 rherrera20 richard_menshealth

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