Saturday, May 21, 2011

Centerfold Guys of Cosmo UK

Are you into British guys? I am. I love their accent, I love their culture. Here are the British guys that made it as Centerfold Guys for Cosmopolitan UK. Check it out!

Adam Gregory 060511centrefoldscraighollyoaks-large 060511centrefoldsEmmettHollyoaks-large 060511Jonnylarge 060511KirkNorcrosscentrefoldlarge 060511overtones-large 060511salomonkaloucentrefold-large 060511Stephan-large 060511StuartBaggs-large 060511sufferboysTake1-large 060511swimteam-large 060511thehunksTake2-largecopy 100511Jasonderulocentrefolds-large RobHollyoaks090511-large ThomasMcDonell-large

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