Thursday, May 5, 2011

River Viiperi: One Hot Summer Boy

River Viiperi is a Spanish model. He’s been on the cover of such magazines as Winq, Surface, Guapo, and Coitus; and he’s also a ramp model for Calvin Klein. He’s also a blogger and his blog’s name is “Never Back Down”.

Check also his FB fan page here. I included his latest pictures here, taken from Essential Homme.

river-viiperi-kim-homotography-1 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-2 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-3 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-4 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-5 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-6 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-7 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-8 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-9 river-viiperi-kim-homotography-cover

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