Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Latest Richard Pangilinan Pictures

Richard Pangilinan recently posted his latest pictures. He just recently won the title of “Mr. Subic Fiesta Bikini Open 2011”. He also won the “Best in Showdown” title in the recently concluded Subic Fiesta Bikini Open 2011 held April 29, 2011. The guy loves to join bikini open. I love his body! Congratulations Richard Pangilinan!

219217_168815209844308_103079896417840_399522_41849_o 219245_168815256510970_103079896417840_399526_4145634_o 227185_168815159844313_103079896417840_399518_1157549_n 230435_168815136510982_103079896417840_399517_2671772_n 241565_168815169844312_103079896417840_399519_1202021_o 242373_168815223177640_103079896417840_399523_6890390_o 242465_168815186510977_103079896417840_399520_4245562_o 243185_168815243177638_103079896417840_399525_6472117_o 243201_168815233177639_103079896417840_399524_7272382_o

Pictures taken from his FB account. Click here and be his friend.

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