Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gorgeous Jason Lingad

Wonderful photos of Jason Lingad, courtesy of the famous photographer from Pampanga. I love the color green! I love boxers as well. Green boxers. Great!
Did I also mentioned that I love seeing guys in black briefs?
131227_476752098062_670188062_5998153_4268636_o 131790_476752313062_670188062_5998156_6766405_o  132337_476752143062_670188062_5998154_4260296_o 133240_476752183062_670188062_5998155_6158695_o132078_485234803062_670188062_6163862_6848025_o 134465_485234728062_670188062_6163859_7332568_o 135398_485234318062_670188062_6163847_2384309_o 169195_485234893062_670188062_6163864_1154520_o

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