Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aldred Gatchalian: No Longer A Boy

Aldred Gatchalian is known as the “Kilabot na Valedictorian ng Pasay” during the 1st Teen Edition of Pinoy Big Brother (along with Gerald Anderson, Kim Chui, Matt Evans, etc). I already notice that he’s gorgeous and has a killer smile, back then. Unfortunately, he quit the show and we didn’t see more of his personality.

Fortunately, he didn’t quit showbiz completely and he was seen regularly at ABS-CBN. I saw his most recent pictures from rddantes and he’s really an adult now – more gorgeous and sexier than ever!

11262_1248427658001_1448734282_706088_4422783_n 188685_10150113778846442_44235206441_6906666_5568852_n 188886_10150113778921442_44235206441_6906669_6384476_n 189651_10150113778936442_44235206441_6906670_2152752_n 190112_1312191942343_1757002634_556026_4407311_n 190943_10150115551736442_44235206441_6924690_970903_o 195828_10150113779051442_44235206441_6906676_4842851_n 196258_10150113778886442_44235206441_6906668_3643584_n 197017_10150113778946442_44235206441_6906671_6687236_n 197550_10150113778861442_44235206441_6906667_6083938_n 197660_10150098670456442_44235206441_6774140_6132256_n 219521_205412229481163_100000371619081_657744_2721599_o  SONY DSC SONY DSC n1052004406_279176_1467 n1052004406_279183_9701

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